Pioneer Steez STZ-D10Z Boombox makes you dance to the beat

Pioneer Steez boombox

It is official, the boombox is back in the game, and amongst the new modern entries in the boombox market is the Pioneer STZ-D10Z Steez, part of a range of new systems targeting the growing street dance market.

Pioneer STZ-D10Z Steez boombox

Anyone who grew up during the 80’s remember the old school boombox cassette players, carried on the shoulder while sporting the RUN DMC style Adidas trainers and training suit. These new boombox’s however comes with a range of new features to accommodate the modern music market, and the iPod dock is a must. Pioneer have taken their Steez boombox even a step further, integrating an Auto Battle Mode that allows you set track sequences and displays a timer as to when the next song and dancer is coming up. That goes along with the ability to change the tempo of the music, auto DJ mode, and a dance boost feature.

The top model Pioneer STZ-D10Z is waterproof, so can be used shooting a cool dance video in the pouring rain, while blasting dance tunes out of the 40W (RMS) driven drivers, including 2 x 25mm tweeters, 2 x 75mm woofers, and a 2 x 135mm dedicated subwoofers. You can even add all your latest remixes directly onto the 4GB integrated memory. You can keep the beat going using either 10-D batteries or connect it to a power source.

So if you are considering a career as a streetdancer or run your own crew, might be worth checking out this latest boombox from Pioneer.

Price & availability

The Pioneer STZ-D10Z Steez boombox is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

[source: Pioneer]


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