The iPhone paparazzi – monetize your “right place at the right time” photos

You are never safe from getting your photo taken these days with mobile phone cameras and digital cameras all around us capturing all the moments in peoples lives. And now there is an app that can make all of us into paparazzis when we found ourselves at the right place at the right time, Photofame, the app for the iPhone paparazzis amongst us.

Photofame app can turn you into an iPhone paparazziAlthough one can easily find many arguments against an app that can potentially turn all of us into paparazzies, but to be fair, the “camera everywhere” is already a problem for celebrities of all status levels, and all this app does is allow more of us the chance to make some money from those photos by sending them over to an agency that then sells them on to newspapers and media if good enough. And it does not have to be pictures of celebrities, any picture that is news worthy you can make money from, so if you accidently find yourself in a hurricane or witness to a fun situation, take out your iPhone and take a picture of it, then use Photofame app to send your photo in and you could get paid for your photo efforts.

Gedgers, the company behind the newly released Photofame app for the iPhone, has already seen a person rewarded for a picture of a gold plated Ferrari in Cannes. The photographer received $140 for the photo, which got featured in amongst other the UK’s Daily Star and Scotland Daily Record.

It is the simplicity of the app that makes Photofame a good addition to your iPhone apps. Photofame enables you to take or attach a photo you have taken, and then send it off to leading photoagency SWNS who will then make the photos that are of interest available to international media. The result could be money in your pocket from taking that newsworthy picture.

You can download the Photofame app from iTunes App Store for only £0.59 or $0.99 –  not a bad investment if you often find yourself in newsworthy situations with your iPhone.


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