Philips Sound Hub brings 360-degree AirPlay sound [CES 2012]

Philips is bringing a new AirPlay enabled system to CES 2012 this year in the Philips Sound Hub, providing you with 360-degree wireless sound for your room.

Philips Sound Hub CSS9216 Airplay

Although Apple is not at CES 2012 it looks like they will still be the talk of the town, including their wireless streaming solution in Apple AirPlay as several audio manufacturers, including Philips, are set to launch their latest AirPlay speakers and audio systems in front the tech world in Las Vegas.

The Philips Sound Hub CSS9216 consists of a powerful subwoofer and surround speakers with Dolby Digital, DTS encoding. The cubed speakers are stacked in two, and the design is not like any of the current Philips AirPlay speakers in the market today. This is a 5.1 channel sound system to bring your home entertainment to life. It is all built around an AirPlay receiver with HDMI output, said to bring wireless  video to your television set. It sounds like Philips are bringing out an alternative to the Apple TV for video over AirPlay, but there are still some question marks around this feature.

Release date is expected for around April time, at least in the U.S, with a retail price at just below $500. I will get back with more information when available, and hopefully information on UK release date and price.

Here is a video Philips have put out on YouTube.



[source: theverge]


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