Philips Fidelio DS9000 Review: style and quality



The Philips Fidelio DS9000 speaker dock is a very popular high-end audio system among iPhone and iPod owners, and if you are looking for a new speaker dock or to upgrade your old one it is worth checking this one out.

Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPhone and iPod speaker dock

The Philips Fidelio DS9000 is by many seen as a serious competitor to the likes of B&W Zeppelin as it operates in the same high-end speaker dock market, and they have some similar traits.

Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPhone speaker dock

Although the design of the DS9000 is not as distinct as for the Zeppelin, it does have its charm and attraction factor. From the black mesh front that is broken by the metallic center-piece, to the elegant carved wooden back, the DS 9000 will look stylish in most settings. The veneer laminted wooden structure also serves the purpose of reducing internal vibrations to deliver the best possible sound, and we particularly like the bass ports that are incorporated into the metallic center, like two jet engine outlets.

Like the B&W Zeppelin, Philips have been smart in providing a spring loaded dock connector, bypassing the need for adaptors and allowing you to dock your iPhone even if it is in its casing.

Inside the Fidelio DS9000 Philips have included two 1-inch tweeters and two 4-inch inverted dome woofers, delivering 2x50W RMS of quality sound. This system does deliver bang-for-the-buck as the bass is warm and rich, and the combined sound picture is clear and detailed, just the way we like it.

In the Fidelio DS9000 Philips have delivered a sound system that can rival the likes of B&W Zeppelin and the Bose Sounddock’s of the iPod speaker dock world, and if you are looking for a high-end home for your iPod or iPhone music, the Philips Fidelio DS9000 should be on your shortlist.

Price information

The Philips Fidelio DS9000 is available from the following UK retailers:

Philips Fidelio DS9000 Technical Specifications

  • Product width: 562 mm
  • Product height: 214 mm
  • Product depth: 216 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Output power (RMS): 2 x 50 W
  • Sound System: Stereo
  • Loudspeaker types: Bass Reflex Speaker System
  • Volume Control: Volume Control up/down
  • Speaker Drivers: 2 x 1″ tweeters, 2 x 4″ woofers
  • Aux in: Yes
  • emote Control: Multi-functional
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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7 Responses to "Philips Fidelio DS9000 Review: style and quality"

  1. vani says:

    i wanna good quality and low price ipads….

  2. Diego says:

    Does the DS9000 work with an ipad ? What about the B&W Zeppelin ?
    Thanks !

  3. admin says:

    You will likely struggle to dock the iPad with the DS9000, hence the launch of the DS8550. However if you want to enjoy the superior sound of the DS9000 then you can always buy a bluetooth adapter, like the Cerulean RX/TX to be able to play music through bluetooth from your iPad to your DS9000.

  4. Emmy says:

    Does this unit charge the phone as well?!?!

  5. admin says:

    It does charge your iPhone when it is docked

  6. Kapil says:

    is it possible to listen to internet radio stream on either of the phillips or the b+w zeppelin from a docked iphone connected to wifi?

    • Heim says:

      yes, it is possible to listen to internetradio on the philips either via any iradio app or the philips fidelio+ app.

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