Philips Fidelio M1 Review – best in class

Philips Fidelio M1

The Philips Fidelio M1 headphones have been around for a while now, so I have been a bit late to the party. That said, its better to be late than never, and the Fidelio M1 headphones are worth the wait.

Philips Fidelio M1

Fidelio M1 Overview

When it comes to home and portable audio, few can match the quality of the range that Philips have delivered with their Fidelio range of products. The Fidelio M1 on-ear headphones fall into the lower price range, competitively priced against some of the more design led on-ear headphones in the market today, but maintaining a more classic design with a focus on comfort and audio experience.

The materials used are selected to ensure comfortable wear over long periods, as portability is a key focus for the Fidelio M1. The earpads uses memory foam for both comfort as well as better natural noise isolation. The headband is minimalistic, but well cushioned, helping ensure a lightweight feel but in transport and during use.

Fidelio M1 comes with high power 40mm neodymium drivers in a closed-back setting with a Bass Reflex System, helping to ensure a precise and dynamic bass performance as part of on overall well balanced sound stage.

Available in black, black/orange, and white/tan version.

Fidelio M1 Review

I’m yet to come across a product in the Fidelio range from Philips that have not impressed with its performance, and the Fidelio M1 headphones are no exception. From its lightweight and comfortable design to the audio performance, the M1 headphones are quite possibly the best headphones I have tested in their class (sub £200 portable on-ear headphones) to date.

What I like about the build of the Fidelio M1 is their small footprint, comfortable earpads, light weight, yet the build quality feels sturdy. This combination makes them comfortable to wear over long periods of listening as they don’t apply too much pressure on the ears or weigh down on your head. Also, they don’t seem to suffer from the common problem of making your ears feel hot and sweaty after extended use, which is a big plus. Adjusting the headband has just the right amount of resistance to avoid any self adjusting during wear. Design wise they don’t stand out like some of their competitors, but its a classic design that should appeal to many out there.

As for the sound reproduction, the Fidelio M1 comes across as well balanced with just the right amount of bass punch when the track requires it. The vocals are clear, and the highs stay clear and precise even when the volume is pushed towards to max, with good stereo separation. The Fidelio M1 sound seems geared for those longer listening sessions, balanced for a comfortable listening experience, which from a personal view is a preference.


  • Clear and well balanced sound with just the right amount of bass when you need it
  • Ultra comfortable wear over extended periods – great for commuting and travels
  • Sophisticated and understated design
  • Very strong performance for its price class


  •  It would have been great to have a completely detachable cable



If you value good well balanced audio over funky design and over-emphasis on bass, then the Fidelio M1 should be on your shortlist at this price. A category winner for 2013.

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