Philips Fidelio DS3020 takes control of the budget speaker dock market

With amongst other the Philips Fidelio DS3020/05 speaker dock, Philips are proving that they are not only about high-end speaker docks and the latest technology, but that they can also deliver one of the best budget speaker docks in the market.

Philips Fidelio DS3020/05 portable speaker dock

Philips have over the recent years delivered us some of the best iPod speaker docks in the market, including the Philips Fidelio DS9000 and more recently a range of Airplay speakers allowing you to enjoy the music without the need to dock. The DS3020/05 however is in the budget price class, and Philips have understood that you can achieve great sales in that category if you deliver a high-end feeling in design and a good quality sound.

The Fidelio DS3020/05 have that easy to recognize Fidelio style to it, with the oval shaped grey mesh finish at the front, the distinctive hole through the middle of the speaker dock, and the white finish on the curved back. It does feel like a miniature version of some of their more high-end Fidelio speaker docks. The centrally placed docking pin allows you to dock your iPod/iPhone even when in its case. Want to take your speaker dock on the road? No problem, just stick in four AA batteries and the DS3020 becomes a portable speaker dock.

In case you are not yet running iOS 5 and is set up for iCloud syncing, the DS3020/05 also features a mini USB port so you can sync your iOS device whilst it is docked as long as the DS3020 is connected to your computer/mac. The standard 3.5mm audio-in is also included for those with other media players.

The Fidelio DS3020/05 also comes app-enhanced as you can use the free Fidelio app to access further settings, internet radio stations, and use the dynamic bass boost function for the speaker. So far i have just had a quick test in store of the performance, but the sound felt well balanced and clear. Don’t expect any big bass performance from this small speaker, but i can see how for example Expertreviews gave it a top rating, and why it has got a close to perfect customer score at Amazon UK. I hope to be back with a full hands-on review soon.

Price & availability

The Philips Fidelio DS3020/05 portable speaker dock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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