Philips extends their Fidelio AirPlay range with AD7050W SoundAvia and DS9100W Primo [CES 2012]

Earlier i reported that Philips was launching a new Airplay system in the Philips Sound Hub at CES, but now the company that has already delivered us more AirPlay speakers than anyone else have also announced the arrival of two more AirPlay speakers in the Fidelio audio range.

Since i’m not at CES this year and have not been able to find any images of the two new products, i can only rely on the information released to the press about the two new systems, but i will update with images and more details as soon as available.

The Philips Fidelio AD7050W SoundAvia is based on the information available believed to be related to the already released Fidelio AD7000W SoundAvia, as the system is described as having a compact design “to fit any space and any lifestyle”. Release date for the AD7050W is set for April 2012.

The other new Airplay speaker in the Fidelio range is the DS9100W Primo, which could be a new AirPlay version of the Fidelio DS9/10 or the Fidelio DS9000, as like those system it features SoundCurve technology and precisely tuned bass pipes, as well as a finish in natural wood.  Release date for the DS9100W Primo is also set for April 2012.

On a final note, the earlier released Fidelio DS3880W Soundring is honored in the CES 2012 Audio Components category.

Philips Fidelio SoundRing DS3880W

[source: Techradar]


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