Philips DS6100 iOS speaker dock looks promising

Philips have delivered plenty of stylish iPod speaker docks over the years, including a wide range of Fidelo speaker docks, and not to mention some of their top model AirPlay speakers, such as the Philips DS9800W Soundsphere. Their latest addition does not disappoint in the looks department either. Meet the Philips DS6100.

Flat and sleek iPod speaker dock from Philips in the DS6100

Design wise i get the impression that the DS6100 sits somewhere between a traditional Fidelio speaker dock and what has come to be known as a soundbar. Its wide slim figure makes it ideal to sit below or in front of a flatscreen tv, or perhaps your iMac. The docking station itself sits at the right corner. From the pictures it looks like the pin is enough elevated to support iPad docking as well, but i will have to wait for official specifications before i can confirm that.

The Philips DS6100 speaker dock itself is made out of aluminum, giving it a nice finish, and features a pair of neodymium speakers producing a total of 20W. Not enoughto give you a powerful home entertainment system sound, but enough to give you what is hopefully a good and well balanced audio experience. It does not seem to have any wireless capabilities, but it does feature aux in so you can connect sound from your television set or your iMac.

If you want to get your hands on the Philips DS6100 you will have to wait until May and be prepared to pay around £120.

I will be back with more details and hopefully a review when it is available.

[source: ChipChick]


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