Philips DC315/05 iPhone docking station review

Philips DC315/05 speaker dock

Philips have really established themselves in the iPhone speaker market over the last year with the Philips Fidelio speaker dock, bringing a combination of style and performance to the market. With the DC315/05 they have created a topseller.

Philips DC315/05 docking station

The Philips DC315/05 docking station is targeting more the clock radio bedroom/kitchen docking station market compared to some of the other Philips speaker docks, and it is doing a very good job at it while looking very stylish and modern in its design.

Sound and features

The DC315 docking station does exactly what it says on the tin, it provides you with a combination of a charging station for your iPod or iPhone while allowing you to listen to your music either from the docked device or from digital FM radio.

Dual alarm settings will allow you to set different alarms for weekdays compared to weekends, or if you are sharing the alarm clock, to set separate alarms to wake up to. You can choose what music you want to wake up to either from your iPod/iPhone or from the digital FM radio.

Design is definitely one of the strong points for Philips and their iPod docking stations, and it is the same for the DC315 docking station. The display is big and gives you the time as well as information about music source.

As for the sound from the DC315 alarm docking station it delivers well for its use. Featuring 2 x 4 RMS total output power with bass reflex speakers, giving you a nicely balanced sound with a warm bass touch.

Price information

The Philips DC315/05 is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Overall experience

The Philips DC315/05 docking station and alarm clock is among the more stylish in its class, and the performance is also up to the same levels as most other docking stations in the same category, proving a winning formula for Philips.

If you are after a nice little portable docking station that will fit well both in the bedroom or the kitchen for example, and that provides you with alarm clock functionality, then the DC315 is worth a second look. If however alarm functionality is of less importance, then you might also want to check out the Philips DS3000/05.

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