Pear bluetooth dongle turns your speaker wireless [kickstarter]

The Pear bluetooth dongle is the latest accessory to have success on Kickstarter, offering a small and simple way to turn your iPod speaker docks wireless using bluetooth technology.

Pear bluetooth dongle on Kickstarter

As a concept, the Pear dongle is simple and some would say brilliant. It is a small square device that you dock into the docking station of your speaker dock instead of your iOS device, thereby turning the speaker wireless allowing you to stream audio from any AirPlay enabled app on your iOS device.

While there are plenty of bluetooth enabled speaker docks and AirPlay speakers in the market these days, there are still many of us that have invested in iPod speaker docks prior to the wireless revolution. This is the market that the Pear dongle is targeting, and so far it looks like they are hitting a pear-of-interest, much thanks to the price point of $40.

Now, where have i seen this before. Oh yes, the Cerulean RX from iSkin which i bought years ago.

You can read more about the Pear dongle project on Kickstarter.


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