PC World and Currys to sell Apple iPad at UK launch

This coming Friday the Apple iPad will finally be released to the public in the UK, and although web interest in pre-orders has been high, Apple is planning a sales blitz on the high streets in the UK after signing agreement with DSGi to stock the Apple iPad at 139 PC World and Currys shops around the country.

The deal has secured DSGi a 60 day window where they can sell the Apple iPad before other competitors get the same opportunity, giving them a clear competitive advantage compared to amongst other Comet and John Lewis. It is believed that they were able to broker this deal as they have a long standing relationship with Apple through the operation of Apple concessions within their stores.

Although neither company has confirmed anything, the Times are reporting that a memo to sales staff is indicating that the Apple iPad will be made avaiable at 9am on Friday 28th May in 70 PC World stores, 28 Currys, and 22 Dixons travel outlets.

After sales blasted all expectations in the US, creating a delay for the launch in other countries around the world as Apple were struggling to keep up with deamand, it is expected that sales will also be strong here in the UK. Given that Apple has a limited amount of retail stores around the UK, this aggreement is a clear sign that Apple is expecting strong sales in the UK as well, and that the power of being able to test the product in a store will be a key selling point.

You can find out more about Apple iPad prices in the UK here.This move could potentially leave people pre-ordering online slightly annoyed as they themselves might have to wait 2 weeks to get their pre-order Apple iPads.


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