Pass the iPhone bomb – drinking game app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Pass the Bomb game App for iPhone and iPod TouchPass the Bomb is the latest iPhone App/game from UK based iFantastic which in its simplicity could be a hit on iTunes App Store among partyers worldwide as it works perfectly as a fun, entertaining, and perhaps a bit simple drinking game, which sometimes comes in handy when the drinks are taking over your thinking powers!

Pass the Bomb is a very simple game, and in its simplicity lies its potential to become a hit as well. The graphics are quite good, and as a drinking game it is very easy to use. You simply open the app and click on the bomb to start it. You can then see the fuse burn before the bomb goes off with sound and image effects – simple but entertaining.

Should you not want to pass your precious iPhone or iPod Touch around to your drinking buddies with the fear of someone dropping it into the beer glass, you can always let it rest on the table, find something else to pass around, and then who ever holds the item when the bomb goes off will have to down the drink.

It goes without saying that this game can also be enjoyed in many other ways that does not involve drinking, or at least keep the drinking to a moderate level, even though we think the game will probably seem more entertaining after a few drinks in good company.

You can download Pass the Bomb from iTunes App Store here. Alternatively you might also want to check out some other great free games and apps for iPod Touch.


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  1. Nice Post! I definately will spread the word that way you have new readers! Gaming Nuts will rule the world!

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