Parrot Zik Philippe Starck Wireless Headphones with NFC

Parrot Zik wireless headphones with NFC

While the wireless headphone market still got some way to go before becoming the mainstream option, developments such as these Zik by Starck headphones from Parrot are going a long way to give wireless headphones a better reputation in the market.

Parrot Zik wireless headphones with NFC

When it comes to technical features, and arguably design, the Parrot Zik leads the way for new generations of wireless headphones to come, and sets the expectations for the growing smartphone generation, with its intuitive control features and arguably wireless sound. Design and build quality has the high-end feel that you expect from Philippe Starck and Parrot, and when you add in technical features such as earcup touch panel, active noise cancelling, and smart app features, you start to understand why the relatively high price tag.

The streaming is done using Bluetooth technology, and for those of you with NFC enabled devices, pairing is as easy as touching the left earcup with your NFC enabled smartphone/device (not that pairing for Bluetooth is that complicated otherwise either). Once you got the music going all controls can be done from the touchpanel on the right earcup, swiping up and down to control volume, or left and right to switch back and forth between songs. Thanks to the head detection sensor, taken the headphones off your ears pauses the music, and automatically starts playing where you left on when placed back on the ears. Taken the headset off also automatically reconfigures the Bluetooth so that your smartphone/device goes back to normal mode. The touch functionally also works for hands free calling, with a simple tap on the right earcup to answer/hang up, and swipe up or down to switch between dual calls.

Parrot Zik earcup touch controls

According to Parrot themselves, the active noise cancelling on the Zik headphones can eliminate up to 98% of ambient sound, thanks to using not only 2, but 4 microphones to analyse ambient noise. All of this is of course no good unless they have taken the same attention to the audio performance, which based on the specs and first impression, they seem to have done. The headphones feature neodymium drivers and advanced DSP (Digital Sound Processing) that creates the impression that sounds is coming from in front of you, or as they call it; “the Parrot Concert Hall effect”. This feature can be configured for your preference using the associated and free Parrot Audio Suite application (available for both iOS and Android devices).

While first impression from the demo was impressive, I will be back with a more in-depth review when had a chance to use them over a longer period.

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