Palm reading comes to iPhone with palmReader 1.0 – let the iPhone tell your future

palmReader 1.0 iPhone palm reading appIt was just a question of time before palm reading came to the iPhone and the iPod Touch and the first ones to deliver it is iCOOLgeeks with their palmReader 1.0, an palm reading simulation application that will tell you your future. Question is, do you trust the iPhone to predict your future?

The palmReader 1.0 is the first of its kind as it scans a palm before displaying it on the screen, reading personality traits and potential future outcomes while corresponding the reading to the palm. To make it even more interesting they have added some different modes, such as silly and  serious mode, as well as some modes that are designed to win you free beer, or to get a girl/guy’s phone number.

At the moment this is the only palm reading simulation available at the iTunes App Store and a great little application to have some fun with friends, or even to fool them or get that phone number you are after at the bar, so start taking advantage of the palmReader 1.0 over 200 different and distinct simulated readings today. Now my future tells me that you all will enjoy this app, and that i will make loads of money this year!

Download the palmReader 1.0 from iTunes App Store for £0.59 here.

iCOOLgeeks are specialist in applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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