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I know this is like swearing in church, but we all need to be open to other opportunities so I figured I would test a few other alternative mp3 players, even just to make sure that the apple ipod is still the best in the class. I therefore took upon me the task of reviewing the 8gb Sony MP3 Walkman and the Creative Zen 4gb MP3 player.

Sony Walkman MP3 playerThe Sony NWZA818 8GB Video MP3 Walkman is generally liked by the people who have purchased it, making it a real challenger for the ipod nano. The 2 inch color display is very sharp and the user interface makes it easy to locate the music and video that you are looking for. Its ability on the video side is pretty good, and it has the photo album feature that allows you to add a soundtrack to your slideshow which is cool, even if slightly unnecessary. Uploading music is very easy with the drag and drop feature from your computer, not having to rely on a program, like itunes. The sound from the Sony NWZA818 is surprisingly clear and the bass is actually quite impressive. What is probably the best feature is the battery life, allowing for up to 30 hours of music playback and up to 8 hours of video, which in my experience beats most ipods.

Creative Zen MP3 playerThe other ipod alternative we have reviewed is the Creative ZEN 4GB MP3 Player. Like the Sony Walkman, the Creative Zen provides both music and video playback. The screen is fairly good at 2.5 inches, allowing to watch xvid videos and photos at a decent size. It has many of the same features as the Sony one, slightly different navigation, but what makes the Creative Zen stand out is the size. About the size of a credit card and only 11mm thick it fits snuggly into your pocket or your palm. User reviews are positive with lots of comments about the player doing exactly what they want from it, and that the radio is a bonus feature. For a lot of people not following the ipod revolution this is a good alternative.

So, what is my conclusion? I would still have to say that my favourite remains the ipod although I was impressed with the quality of these players, and I hope that Apple will take some notes, especially when it comes to battery life.

Here are a few places selling the Sony Walkman: Amazon UK – £99.99, John Lewis – £129

And a few places selling the Creative Zen: Amazon UK – £70.97, Currys – £79.99, John Lewis – £89.95


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