New OS 3.0 not hitting the note with iPod Touch owners

According to other news sources online the popularity of the new iPhone OS 3.0 is at the moment largely limited to the iPhone 3G owners as less than 1% of iPod Touch users have bought and installed  the new OS 3.0 on their iPod Touch.

When the much anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 was released for iPhone and iPod Touch owners on the 17th June it was expected that many iPhone 3G owners would download it, given that it was a free upgrade and would bring among other things cut and paste, tethering, and findmyiPhone functionality to the iPhone. For iPod Touch owners however the new features of the iPhone OS 3.0 was more limited, not to mention that it is not a free upgrade.

The main benefits to get out of the iPhone OS 3.0 for iPod Touch users is the landscape keyboard functionality, the search functionality, and cut and paste, which again is probably more useful for iPhone owners in text messaging, and perhaps the biggest reason being opening up the bluetooth functionality on the iPod Touch. That was the primary reason why i chose to pay the £5.99 or so for the upgrade, so i could play music from my iPod Touch via bluetooth to my Focal XS speaker dock with the Cerulean RX bluetooth dock adapter.

Unless you plan to utilize the bluetooth functionality of the iPod Touch for music or peer to peer gaming etc. the value of the upgrade might be considered a stretch, although one should not underestimate the value of some of the other functionality, and not to mention the importance of  having the latest functionality when comparing gadgets with friends and colleagues.

It is a good week now since i did my upgrade on my iPod Touch to iPhone OS 3.0, and now i find myself having to spend part of the weekend to reset my iPod Touch as the upgrade has actually done something with my WiFi functionality, taking away the much needed internet connectivity of my iPod Touch. Have read other places online as well that other people have experienced the same or similar issues. Will let you all know how i get on with resetting and reinstalling the firmware upgrade.

If you are considering not upgrading your 2nd generation iPod Touch to OS 3.0, then there might be comfort in knowing that it is likely there will be an upgraded 3rd generation iPod Touch coming later this year, most likely around September time following Apple’s normal iPod upgrade schedule.


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