Orange wins Apple iPhone deal in the UK – brings end to O2 exclusivity

After two years of being locked to one network provider in the UK, the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS will now also be available on Orange as well as O2 which has had it over the last two years. This can be seen as a step by Apple to increase the sales and market penetration of the their iPhone in the UK market, perhaps realizing that being exclusive to one network was limiting their sales and revenue potential.

The new deal on the iPhone for Orange should be welcomed by everyone that either owns an iPhone or is thinking about purchasing one, as it should led to increased competition between the two networks, although we are still looking at a limited competitive marketplace, given that there is only two providers and demand might be high enough for the handset to keep both companies happy not competing too much on price. Ideally we would like to see Apple make the iPhone available to all network providers in the UK, thereby creating more equal market opportunities and competition.

iPhone coming to Orange in UK

So far Orange has not revealed any price plans for the iPhone so it is impossible to say whether or not they will undercut O2 on price. What is known is that Orange has a good data network to support the iPhone 3GS, an area that O2 sometimes have received criticism. Should the talked about merger between Orange and T-Mobile in the UK also fall in place, it would make them the largest mobile network provider in the UK, and open up opportunities for sharing some of the data load expected to be seen on the network with the increased focus on smartphones such as the iPhone.

The end of the iPhone exclusivity for O2 in the UK was expected given that Apple over the last year or so has started to get more networks included in other countries as they have seen demand for the handset increase and sales perhaps limited through the exclusive distribution channel. Increased the sales of the iPhone handset across more networks will also give Apple increased revenue streams through their highly popular iTunes App Store, as well as increased sales through the new and improved iTunes 9 store.

It is expected that the iPhone will be available for Orange customers later this year, and likely in time to get a new one for Christmas. You can however already register your interest for the iPhone on the Orange website, or check out our iPhone 3GS UK buying guide.

We will be back with more information as soon as Orange reveals more of their iPhone plans.


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4 Responses to "Orange wins Apple iPhone deal in the UK – brings end to O2 exclusivity"

  1. You lucky brits!

    AT&T Suck :(

    Australia has like 3 or 4 carriers and now the UK with two!

    We pay ridiculous prices with no competition… monopoly’s suck ass!

    FYI Be sure to get the 32gig if you can afford it… after one year of use you will most likely hit 16gig!

    I love my iphone… got a new pink cover so cute!

    P.S. I’m bookmarking your blog too.

  2. Dirnov says:

    Can i get a one small pic from your site?

  3. I always appreciate proper posts like this, it’s pleasing to know I can add another site to my bookmarks and have something to check up on.

  4. free iphone says:

    do you have twitter? it would be cool to put updates on there.

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