Orange UK + Apple = One free iTunes movie rental per week

Famous for their “Orange Wednesday” cinema offers, UK mobile phone carrier Orange has now struck a deal with Apple to build further on their involvement with the movie sector by allowing their customers to download one rented movie on iTunes per week for free*.

Orange and Apple with Film To Go offer

The new “Film To Go” deal from Orange will allow their customers to rent a movie for download from iTunes every Thursday (only on Thursdays) by sending a code request text message that will return an iTunes redemption code for the movie of the week. The service is free, with the exception of the 35p cost of the text message itself.

Once you have received your redemption code and downloaded the movie of the week, the same normal iTunes movie rental rules apply; You have 30 days to watch the movie, and once you have started watching it you have 48 hours to finish watching it.

As normal with all movies rented or downloaded through iTunes, these as well will have to be viewed either on a computer or on an Apple device, such as an Apple TV or an iOS device such as the iPad 2. For those of you that have a 2nd generation Apple TV box you can also stream the movie wirelessly from iTunes or your iOS device using Apple AirPlay.

The first movie to become available this coming Thursday is “My Blueberry Nights” starring singer Norah Jones, followed by some high profile movies, including The Wrestler, The Ghost, and Che:Part One.

To take advantage of the Film To Go offer from Orange, customers will have to send the text FILMTOGO to 85060 and have access to iTunes.

See deals on iPhone 4 from Orange UK here.

[source: thenextweb]


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