Welcome the real Skype to the iPhone and iPod Touch

It took a few months and a few alternative VOiP applications before it happened, but finally we are able to download the real Skype for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Skype and Apple released the recently approved Skype Application on iTunes App Store today.

Official Skype App for iPhone and iPod TouchSkype and its owner Ebay have more than 400 million users worldwide through its Skype software that allows them to make free Skype to Skype calls with a computer or other device with an internet connection, connecting millions of people around the globe through voice and video calling, as well as instant messaging. I am myself a proud user of Skype since 2004.

Users of Skype has long been asking Skype when they would release an application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and finally the wait is over and we can all enjoy the same call freedom on our Apple devices as we are used to from our computers, well almost at least as there are limitations to the mobile version compared to the computer version, such as video calling (about time Apple makes video calling available on the iPhone).

The Skype App delivers what you have expected from their first iPhone app, including:

  • Free Skype to Skype calls from any WiFi connection
  • Call landlines at Skype rates when connected to a WiFi connection
  • Send and receive instant messages via 3G, WiFi, Edge or GPRS
  • Receive calls to your personal Skype number (most likely requires WiFi connected)
  • Automatic import of your Skype contacts, including profile pictures just as you are used to.

Althought Skype calling is supposed to be limited to WiFi connection reports are coming in from the US that people are able to make Skype calls when connected to the AT&T 3G network as well using iPhone 3.0 developer version. 9-to-5 Mac reports that voice quality when making calls over the AT&T 3G network is actually better than when making normal calls on AT&T, but note that it only works on iPhones that feature the iPhone OS 3.0 developer version.

One feature that would be great to have included, but unfortunately is not availble yet, is to have Skype running in the background on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This was one of the most requested features in advance of the release of the new iPhone OS 3.0, but that we will have to wait a bit longer for.

We are keen to hear from Skype App users around the world about the experience with the new app, and especially from UK users of the iPhone and if O2 is allowing Skype calls over the 3G network.

You can download the new Skype iPhone App here.


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  1. admin says:

    It did not take Skype long at all to become one of the top downloaded applications at the iTunes App Store as they reached 1 million downloads in record time, with an amazing 6 downloads per second on the way to the milestone.

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