4th generation iPod Touch 4 with Retina display and camera is official!

In a live event that just concluded Apple announced the new line up of iPod models, including the 4th generation iPod Touch 4 with Retina Display, front facing facetime camera, and a rear HD video camera + lots of other features.

In the aftermath of the iPod Touch 4 announcement we have looked at what was delivered, and how it compares to rumors and expectations.

New iPod Touch 4 design

Now the design is not revolutionary new, or the same as for the iPhone 4, but it does sit somewhere in between. The new iPod Touch 4 is even slimmer and lighter than the old model, while keeping the curved design, although slighly less curved than the previous one. The iPod Touch 4 is now a mere 7.2 millimeters thin, featuring the engineered touchscreen glass front with a sleek stainless steel back. There is no doubt that the new iPod Touch 4 looks stylish.

New Apple iPod Touch 4

Height: 4.4 inches (111.0 mm)
Width: 2.3 inches (58.9 mm)
Depth: 0.28 inch (7.2 mm)
Weight: 3.56 ounces (101 grams)

Retina Display

The new iPod Touch 4 has received the same display as the new iPhone 4. The Retine display brings a 960×640 backlit LCD display which packs an amazing 326 pixels per inch to the iPod Touch, making it officially the highest resolution iPod screen ever.

Retina display was one of the banker expectations for the new iPod Touch 4, so it came as no surprise for those following Apple closely.

Inside the iPod Touch 4

On the inside of the new iPod Touch Apple has brought the same A4 chipset found in the iPhone 4 to optimize the gaming experience that already have earned the iPod Touch the accolade as the number 1 mobile gaming platform in the world. The improved specifications also helps the iPod Touch be more efficient in all its operations, and improve the battery life to about 40 hours music playing and 7 hours of video playback.

Apple has also kindly added a built-in three-axis gyroscope to sit alongside the accelerometer, taking the iPod Touch 4 to the next level in advanced motion sensing and full 3D attitude and rotation rate. In short, Apple has made the number 1 mobile gaming platform even more impressive.

Front facing facetime camera & rear HD video camera

Ever since Apple failed to deliver a camera for the 3rd generation iPod Touch, the rumours have not stopped about camera coming to this iPod Touch 4. Leading up to the announcement several leaks have indicated facetime camera, so Apple delivering both cameras is to the market expectations.

Facetime camera coming to the iPod Touch 4 means that you can now make calls to your friends, if they own an iPod Touch 4 or an iPhone 4 that is, over WiFi. All you need to make it work is your  Apple ID or your email address and you can start chatting live with your friends.

Design of new iPod Touch 4

As for the rear placed HD video camera, it will allow you to record HD (720p) video on your iPod Touch, and then using iMovie to edit the video right there on your iPod Touch before sharing it with the world if you want to. You can of course also use it to take still photos at up to 960×720, but there is no flash like on the iPhone 4.

Improved Wi-Fi

Apple has also delivered improved 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to the new iPod Touch, ensuring that you can get even better use of all the new features with faster data when connected to Wi-Fi. Packed into the iPod Touch 4 is also bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

iOS 4.1 – delivering Gamecenter

The new iPod Touch 4 comes packed with the latest iOS 4.1 which includes several bug fixes, as well as new features such as the Gamecenter.

Gamecenter is a new app that lets your friends, or people you have never met before, join in on the fun and play with you or against you. The gamecenter app comes with iOS 4.1 and will appear on your homescreen. Simply use your Apple iD and you can be on your way to challenging game sessions against friends or other unknown gamers.

Gamecenter will be one of the features of the iPod Touch that will strenghten its position as the number 1 mobile gaming platform in the world.

Price and where to buy

The iPod Touch 4 will hit markets around mid September, available in the 3 different sizes, with Apple official retail prices as follows:

  • 8GB iPod Touch 4 – £189
  • 32GB iPod Touch 4 – £239
  • 64GB iPod Touch 4 – £329

As soon as other retailers start releasing their prices for the new iPod Touch 4 we will be back with updated best price iPod Touch 4 price tables.

What’s the verdict?

Having only had a few hours to digest the news and features of the iPod Touch 4, and no chance to have some alone time testing it out yet, making a final verdict is too early.

But we can say that based on the rumors and expectations, Apple delivered what they had to for the new iPod Touch 4, no more no less. Biggest disappointment is probably the lack of a 3G version of the iPod Touch 4. The flip side to that might be that a smaller 7 inch screen Apple iPad Mini is more likely to be announced in the not too distant future.

You can now also read about the latest news and rumors around the iPod Touch 5 – 5th generation iPod Touch.


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9 Responses to "4th generation iPod Touch 4 with Retina display and camera is official!"

  1. OMGOMG says:

    this looks so awsome

  2. jayank says:

    Damn i just bought a ipod touch 32gb

  3. renzoski says:

    I have been waiting 2 and half years for Apple to put a camera on the iPod Touch. I just purchased an iPod Touch 4 from Apple’s online store. I said I would buy another Touch in a heart beat if it had a camera. Thanks Apple It’s about time!

  4. Appletree says:

    I pre ordered the ipod touch 4g 32 gb at 1 september in the apple store. (1 september the date that it was announced.)
    Hopefully i will get it next week.
    It looks so cool

  5. i cannot wait for my new ipod touch to arrive. got the shipping notification today. and im getting it free

  6. Matthew says:

    If you don’t care for a camera or a sleeker design, is the 4g worth the extra money over the 3g?

  7. admin says:

    There are still some reasons tto consider for upgrading to The new iPod touch 4, such as the improved display and the improved gaming experience that comes with the gyroscope.

  8. sit2k says:

    no led flash for the camera makes me think twice about this purchase

  9. admin says:

    I think the camera on the iPod Touch 4 is mostly for video as resolution and the lack of LED flash makes it less useful as an alternative to a digital camera. I would carefully weigh up the benefits that comes with the new iPod Touch 4 compared to a potential price saving on buying the previous 3rd generation iPod Touch.

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