Ofcom to tax the iPod – is it true or just more fake news?

While doing the normal search for iPod news this weekend i came across this story from the Inquirer online about Britains broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, considering recommending an iPod tax as well as possible tax on computers and blank cd’s.

Not sure whether or not to belive that this could be real as not found any stories backing it up yet, but one never knows when it comes to regulatory agencies finding new ways to tax people to make up for their own shortfall in delivering results. Imagine if we as the public and consumers could decide to take money away from these regulatory bodies that passes all those ridiculous rules.

The story explains that the iPod tax and the other proposed taxes will be used to secure programming that nobody really wants to see anyway,  so perhaps Ofcom should listen to the people they are actually there fore instead and let the market decide more without being interfered by cultural politics!

Society is heading down the drains if all politicians are able to do is create new taxes to reduce peoples ability to keep the market moving, making everyone reliant on the goverment benefits instead of supporting business growth.

We say; leave the iPod alone!


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