2 week October holiday ban for UK Apple employees fits in with new iPhone launch

One of the usual signs of an imminent major product launch from Apple is the cancellation of any holiday plans for employees in the period surrounding the launch, and with the iPhone 5 launch expected for October 4th a new report indicate that Apple UK staff has been ordered not to take any holidays in the first two weeks of October.

iPhone 5 curtain call

It is The Register that is reporting on the UK holiday ban at Apple, taken as a sign that the iPhone 5 or any other major product launch will take place at the start of the month. What exactly will be launched is still up for speculation as we are still seeing plenty of conflicting messages in terms of iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s (or both). It is believed that the event will also represent the final release of iOS 5 and the iCloud, and hopefully some upgraded iPods as well, at least for an iPod Touch 5.

Hopefully the Apple UK employees that had big holiday plans for those weeks will be well compensated for having to change their plans. For the rest of us, lets hope the long wait will have us compensated with a state of the art iPhone 5 as well, although personally i have my doubts at this stage.

[source: TheRegister via MacWorld]



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