Norway challenging Apple over iTunes and iPod link

Since 2006 Norway has been in battle with Apple over their iTunes music only being available for iPod, as the market laws in Norway demands that the service will have to be made available for all digital music players.

Although Apple has explained that there are ways around this block of other digital music players, such as downloading the music from iTunes and then burn it onto a normal music cd, before then ripping it back in digital form again for it to work on other digital music players, a process i am sure many of us are familiar with even if we own an iPod.

The Norwegian consumer mediator does not feel that this is an adequate method for to work around this, and have asked Apple to come up with a response to this before the case will move on to the Norwegian Market Council, a goverment organization that looks after these types of cases.

It will be an interesting case to follow and we can not see any reason why Apple should not make the format of their iTunes music downloads available for all digital music players going forward. The same goes for the iPhone application store as well, as the competition increases from Google and their Android marketplace  Apple might have to reconsider their politics about which application are accepted and not.

Sometimes market regulations can deliver something positive.


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