Nike+ and iOS 4 not playing nicely – issues and solutions

Ever since i upgraded to the new iPhone iOS 4 a month or so ago i have not been able to use Nike+ on my iPhone as it fails to sync up with the Nike+ transmitter in my shoe. As it turns out this is an issue that seems to affect a lot of iPhone and iPod Touch owners following upgrade to iOS 4 as per this forum post on Nike website.

For over a year now Nike+ has been my running companion so not being able to use it after upgrading the iPhone software has become a bit annoying now. So far there has been no official word from either Nike or Apple as to a solution for this issue that seems to affect users in different ways.

Nike+ and iPhone iOS4 issues

Many reports the same problem that i’m experiencing, with the iPhone and the Nike+ not syncing up at all, while others report syncing taking unusal long, as well as dropped running stats. Here are some of the common problems reported to Nike on their forum, but feel free to let us know your Nike+ issues following upgrade to iOS 4 by leaving a comment below.

  • Sensor not syncing with iPhone at all
  • Sensor syncing taking an unusual long time
  • Slow and flaky response times for both the application as well as for running data
  • Individual runs history lost
  • App not reporting correct running distance or lenght of run
  • workout data stop recording during workout
  • No spoken feedback, or very loud spoken feedback
  • Not able to resume paused exercise

You can find lots more information about these and other reported issues on the Nike Forum focusing on the problem. There you will also be able to read information from ‘Clover’, a Nike representative who is trying to collate all the issues users are experiencing after upgrading to the iOS 4.

Clover also insists that a fix will be available shortly, although there are no further news about when that might happen. I guess timing of this depends on the extent of work that is needed, and whether it is an issue that an upgrade of the native Nike+ app only, or if it requires a complete OS fix, in which case we might have to wait for Apple to fix some of the other issues first.

There has been no reports of this issue being fixed in the iPhone iOS 4.1 Beta release.

If you are experiencing these problems with using Nike+ with iOS 4, then one thing that some people have found helpful is to manually end all other apps running on the iPhone before starting the Nike+ app.

We are interested in hearing your stories about the issues with Nike+ on the new iPhone OS 4, so please leave your stories in the comment box.

We will be back with more information as soon as we hear back from Nike or Apple on the issue.


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5 Responses to "Nike+ and iOS 4 not playing nicely – issues and solutions"

  1. Susie says:

    I suppose there is comfort in common frustrations. I just spent 2 days going from the NikeTown store in NY to the Apple Store – each salesperson was not aware of the issue. However, each salesperson was correct in assuming it was a software issue. I brought one of these articles to the Apple Store on the UWS and the “genuis” could not help me at all. It was extremely frustrating. I, too, have been using the Nike+ with ITouch for over a year now. I measure all my training and progress on that thing and now that it doesn’t work correctly is really messing up my workouts. My issue is that when the home button is pressed during the run, there is no spoken feedback. Typically, the spoken feedback will tell you your miles, your pace, your time, miles to go, etc. But I dont’ get this feature any more. Even more strange, since I bought a new sensor, because the I figured the old sensor had just run it’s course, while I was calibrating the new sensor, the home button and spoken features worked. But once I went for a run, it no longer worked. And yes, none of my previous workouts from my old sensor were on my iPod touch, which was also frustrating. Also, strange “best times” are recorded when I know I’ve never run that fast in my life. I wonder if my old sensor still works? The iTouch does not detect it at all and it did happen when the OS 4 was put into effect. Who knows? I just want them to fix it asap. Thanks for having this forum to vent. And please keep providing information.


  2. Jon says:

    mine is just not recording distance, also wont let me calibrate :(

    getting very frustraing.

    i am a beginner at best when it comes to running, and I really need things like this to keep me going, keeps a register of what I have run so it makes me feel proud and pushes me onto the next stage, whereas at the moment i feel in a bit of rut as I have no records of my past runs.

    Nike should in the mean time change there website so that you can edit runs etc.
    this should be an option anyway, plus they need to add the option of linking to sombody elses runs, as i run with my partner a lot, while ican not see my runs it would be helpful if i could just link to hers and it shows on mine (she just uses the nikeband)

    very frustrating :(

  3. Simon says:

    Having similar problems here. Upgraded to OS 4.0.0 on my 3GS and it just wont synch with the sensor. As my wife also has a sensor and is still running OS 3 on her iphone, I could test that it wasn’t the sensor battery. When 4.0.1 was released everything was working nicely again, but then 4.0.2 came out just recently and now it refuses to work again.
    I can understand that Apple cannot test against all apps, but they should have tested against the ones that come pre-installed on the phone!
    This is really frustrating as I use the Nike+ as a motivation and train against my friends, now I am not being able to record anything!!

  4. CJ says:

    Have just updated to OS 4.0.2 and now the app refuses to work on my 3GS – worked like a dream prior to that. Very frustrating!

  5. jdwashoe says:

    well I’ve a iOS4 iPhone 3GS still wacked after 4.2.1 iOS upgrade in jan 2011. trinket worked before iOS4 upgrade. NIke seems to have tried to hide from users since all they’ve done in 6 months is lock out all their Nike+&iPhone related forums to keep folks from posting product hate mail. Don’t waste your $$ until NIke has fixed this chunk of plastic toxic waste and the app.

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