New Nike+ GPS App for iPhone and iPod Touch: With Facebook Motivation

Following the upgrade to iOS 4 on my iPhone, like many others i experienced syncing issues with Nike sensor limiting the usage of the Nike+ functionality, making my running less fun and challenging. The most recent upgrades to fix bugs in the iOS 4 has not helped me, that is until Nike solved the problem themselves by bypassing the Nike+ sensor and building a new app that works of the built in GPS – meet the new Nike+ GPS App.

I did my first run today using the new Nike+ GPS app and i found it very user friendly and the accuracy seems really good  as well. Great new features include more personalization of how you felt on your run, and of course the mapping of your route with the ability to see which parts of your run was faster than others. With this new app Nike has delivered some great new features for runners and walkers.

Nike release new Nike+ GPS app for iPhone and iPod Touch

So how does the new Nike+ GPS app actually work? The new app pulls in data from the iPhone and iPod Touch built in accelerometer and GPS to give us an accurate measure of our exercise. Not only does it work really well when running outside, as i found out myself running my normal route alongside the Leeds canal, but according to Nike it also works when a GPS signal is unavailable, and it works when running on a treadmill as well. In fact when you set the app in preparation for your new run you can choose what type of run it is, including a treadmill setting.

The ability to map the run is a new feature for Nike+ and one that i personally find nice as you can see visually where you have run and a breakdown of your pace at different stages of your run. Like the built in Nike+ app it also measures the distance (can be set in miles or kilometers), your run time, and the number of calories burned.

If you find that you run a similar route often you can also see your historic runs and then use the “challenge me” functionality of the Nike+ GPS app to challenge yourself to beat your previous time. To help you with your challenge you can also opt-in to receive motivational messages from pro athletes and celebrities during your run. We all need some extra motivation every now and then.

Nike release new Nike+ GPS app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Another great new feature is the ability to upload your runs to Nikeplus website without syncing your device with iTunes. This can now be done straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch inside the app itself, and you can even add comments and how you felt the run went alongside it. The ability to sync your runs directly also means that you can take advantage of the social sharing features of Nikeplus, adding your latest runs to your facebook and twitter pages.

According to Nike the new Nike+ GPS app will work with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the iPod Touch (second, third, and fourth generation).

The new Nike+ app is not free, but for a mere $1.99 it is well worth the download. Besides that is cheaper than actually buying the Nike+ sensor. At the moment it is only available in english and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

For those of you that prefer to use the built in Nike+ app that syncs with the sensor, the new iOS 4.1 which was released today is supposed to include bug fixes for the Nike+ issues previously reported.

Update! Since writing this post Nike has provided an update to the new Nike+ GPS app, this time including a new feature called Facebook Motivation. What this does is basically allowing you to share with friends that you have started a run, and if they comment on your post while you are running you will receive motivational message from their on your headphones.

Let us know how you are finding the new Nike+ GPS app to use by leaving your review in the comments below.


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