NFC back on the table for iPhone 5

Just days after reports about the coming iPhone 5 not featuring NFC (Near Field Communication), the technology used to amongst other deliver mobile payment solutions, or so called ‘eWallets’, Forbes is reporting that their sources says NFC is back on the table for the iPhone 5.

While we on our earlier posts touched upon the report by The Independent, which relied on information coming from senior people at UK mobile networks and what they had allegedly been told by Apple, this latest report coming via Forbes is based on information from an NFC entrepreneur with contacts within Apple.

According to the report the source is working on a top-secret NFC product that he believes will be featured in the iPhone 5, and also referring to manufacturers of other NFC readers, who also expect the iPhone 5 to feature NFC technology.

As always there is no comment or word coming out from Apple themselves around these rumors, and it is very unlikely that Apple will even comment on this before the product actually launches. That said, for Apple not to include NFC technology in the next iPhone could mean that they are giving over an advantage to competitors, including Android and RIM, which are both testing and including NFC technology in phones that are either already in the market or coming soon.

What do you think, is NFC technology/ewallet an important feature for you in your next smartphone?



For now we just have to wait and see what else surfaces around the iPhone 5 and NFC technology. You can read more news and rumors around the iPhone 5 here.


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