Next iPhone(s) set to arrive on 10th September – add to your calendars!

Benjamin Franklin once said that “the only things certain in life are death and taxes.” But in these Apple times, if history has thought us anything, we can likely add an Apple product launch in September to the list, and at the moment it looks like September 10th is the date that Apple will once again captivate an audience of millions (perhaps even billions) as the next iPhone (s) is presented to the world and its adoring fans.

Apple expected to hold iPhone 5S event 10th September

Update! Apple makes September 10th iPhone event official

This time around it’s AllThingsD that is making the claim that September 10th is the date for the next iPhone launch as part of an Apple special event. And before you just write it off as another rumour, they have a very strong track record when it comes to ‘predicting’ these events. Time wise it also makes sense, given that last year the iPhone 5 was presented on September 12th. The date is also ahead of the expected iOS 7 release date, so it will give Apple a couple of weeks to get the stock of new iPhone (s) ready for distribution with the latest firmware in place.

So, are we talking about iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S? Will there also be a budget version that seem to have adopted the name iPhone 5C in the rumour mill? All valid questions that to date remains a mystery. Rumoured parts leaks etc. hints at a new iPhone with only cosmetic changes and internal upgrades, which leads me to believe that this time around it will be a matter of adding an ‘S’ behind the current model.

The smartphone market is not as one-sided in Apple’s favour as it used to be anymore. Companies like Samsung and others have brought their A game to Apple, and shareholders are now demanding that Apple management increases their rate of innovation. That could start with a dual iPhone launch, including the new iPhone 5C to attack the low end smartphone market that is dominated by Android based devices. There is also plenty of talk about a new slimmer iPad 5 and a Retina iPad Mini, but both of these are more likely to be presented later in the year, or even next year.

Either way, make sure you add September 10th 2013 to your calendars – – as D-Day for the next iPhone(s).

[Source: AllThingsD]

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