Will next generation iPhone have removable batteries?

According to some Apple patent digging done by AppleInsider it may seem that Apple is working on removable battery solutions for the next generation iPhone, which might have come about following pressure from the European Union to make all mobile batteries easily replaceable and removable in an environmentally friendly way.The directives from the EU would cover not only the iPhone but also all iPod models, all of which at the moment does not have ‘easily’ replaceable battery solutions for recycling at the end of their lifecycle.

Patent digging has earlier revealed that Apple might be introducing video conference calling for the next generation iPhone with a forward facing camera. Other rumours surrounding the next gen iPhone is improved battery life, improved memory to at least 32gb, and improved processor speed amongst other.

A better battery management system for the iPhone would be most welcomed by most users, as one is not always able to charge ones iPhone at the spot when it is needed, and being able to replace a battery easily would improve work quality on the iPhone. We see this as a positive step from Apple in listening to both international authorities and to the millions of users out there, and it should improve the environmental friendliness of the iPhone and iPod, which we are all for.


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  1. Julianne says:

    Has anyone heard new news about the rumored Wicked movie?

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