Could this concept be the new iPhone 4G? We hope so

The people over at Gizmodo have found themselves in the creative corner and created a concept for what the new iPhone 4G could look like, fusing the iPod Touch and the Macbook Air to create a sleek, stylish, and thin new iPhone 4G concept.

If you click on the link above you will be able to see what the iPhone 4G concept looks like. The concept is based on the Macbook Air and the 2G iPod Touch, making this concept looking very sleek and much thinner than the current iPhone 3G. This actually looks more like having the Macbook Air in your pocket.

They have obviously taken notice of the many rumours around the next generation iPhone featuring video conferencing functionality, as the iPhone 4G concept features a front facing camera and possible integration with the Apple iChat for true videoconferencing.

As a concept this looks great, so then the only question is, how realistic is it that the next generation iPhone 4G will be this thin? We hope that Apple is able to cram all the necessary technology into something as thin, stylish and beautiful as this, because if they do it will the coolest phone ever created and it will take Apple and the iPhone to yet new heights of success.

Realisticly we think this iPhone 4G concept might be further into the future. Knowing what the iPhone looks like compared to the 2G iPod Touch today makes it perhaps more likely that the next generation iPhone will sit somewhere in between, especially considering that they still have to be able to fit the mobile battery, a front facing camera in addition to the rear camera in the shell. There is a reason why the current iPhone 3G is as ‘chunky’ as it is, but we can only hope that technology will take it to something close to this at least.

Other rumours around the next generation iPhone includes that it will feature replaceable batteries, and that it will come with improved processor and graphics.


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