News Corp launches The Daily for iPad, could the iPad 2 be around the corner?

It has been on the books for a while, and now News Corps first iPad exclusive news source, The Daily, has been launched, and the speculations are now around whether or not the iPad 2 is in the cards for mid-february launch.

The Daily - news for Apple iPad from News CorpThe Daily which will have an initial team of around  100 journalists delivering news stories to this iPad only news media is by Murdoch seen as the future of the newspaper business, but it remains to be seen if it will be as well received as they hope for as there are plenty of skeptics out there, including myself.

It will initially only launch in the US and will cost 99 cents a week through the iTunes App Store, relying on the new in-app subscription feature that Apple will be releasing together with iOS 4.3.  Given that they are offering a 14 day trial period it is likely that Apple will be releasing the iOS 4.3 by mid-february to allow to start charging for The Daily and other coming subscription based apps.

Although The Daily has many nice features that are unique to the iPad experience, the true success will depend on their ability to deliver news and media that is of a sufficient quality to entice a generation that is used to accessing most news for free online to start paying on a subscription basis.

With HTML 5 growing in popularity, giving developers the ability to deliver webapps that takes advantage of many of the native features of devices like the iPad, it is likely that the competition from non-Apple exclusive solutions will be increasing over the coming months.

Personally i find what might come in the wake of The Daily more interesting; the possible release of the iPad 2 in the next few weeks.

[source: BBC]


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