New Yorkers to revolte over proposed iPod tax

One of the big stories online today related to the iPod is that New York Governor David Paterson has proposed hitting music downloads with a 4% iPod tax. The so called “iTax” is one of 137 new proposed taxes that will help New York ease the budget crisis (Source: Guardian.co.uk).

As the State of New York  is in a budget crisis the state Governor, David Paterson, has had to introduce amongst other the 4% tax on all music downloads, hitting all iPod and iTunes users with most likely increased prices.

The cleaverly nicknamed new download tax “iTax” does not cover only music, but also ebooks and other digitally delivered entertainment services, which should then also include digital downloads of movies, tv shows, and music videos. It is believed that the introduction of these new taxes have come as a result of the State of New York missing out on tax income from high earning financiers since the credit crunch hit in. Guess this is another one of those costs taxpayers have to carry following goverment intervention to save badly run finance corporations.

We are sure the new iPod tax on downloads will create furry amongst the millions of iPod owners in New York, and another measure that will probably drive more people to look for alternative ways to download music. The hope now is that some of the music download retailers will burden some of this tax by lowering the prices on their digital content.

But it is not only iPod and other digital music player owners that gets hit by the new taxes in New York. How about the new obesity tax on sugary soft drinks which makes any non-diet fruit drink that contains less than 70% natural fruit juice subject to an 18% tax increase, a tax that is estimated to raise over $400 million in the fiscal year.

No wonder the New York Post deemed the new tax policies “Tax Hell” on their frontpage!

For all our UK readers, why not take a look at the latest bestselling music albums available to download through the new Amazon MP3 store before the UK goverment gets some new tax ideas as well.


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