New software for iPod Touch and iPhone with Podcast downloads

Last friday Apple released software 2.2 update for the iPod Touch and the iPhone which amongst other has added the ability to download podcasts when away from your computer.

The new software 2.2 release for iPhone and iPod Touch means that users can now download podcasts whenever connected through a wifi network. Other improvements that the software 2.2 upgrade has fixed are:

  • Improved Safari browser stability
  • Pressing the home button on any screen takes you home
  • Users can disable the keyboard auto correction when typing
  • Improved audio quality in visual voicemail for iPhone
  • Improved performance when making calls
  • Fixed bugs with scheduled email checks
  • improved formating for wide format HTML email messages

Unfortunately the software 2.2 upgrade for the iPod Touch is missing the upgrades to the Maps application that the iPhone has.

The iPod Touch software 2.2 upgrade is now available through iTunes for free when you have software version 2 or higher installed.


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