New larger iPhone could come with an iPod Touch refresh

While the rumor mill has been busy speculating around the iPhone 5 and a possible iPad Mini coming later this year, it now looks like the iPod range is getting in on the action as well, with one analyst predicting a refresh of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano coming this fall.

Possible new iPod Touch 4-inch screen (source: Geekorbit.net)Image source: Geekorbit.net

It is KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo that has released a new report where he predicts that Apple will start off a busy fall schedule by releasing updated iPod models, including a new larger screen iPod Touch that is likely to reflect the rumored larger iPhone screen. He has been accurate around Apple product plans before, so his reports usually carry at least a bit of credibility in the market.

While the prediction is that the new iPod Touch will include the same in-cell screen technology that is predicted for the iPhone, the limited availability of the screen in the marketplace at the moment could mean that stock will be limited to start with, as the iPhone takes priority. Therefore Kuo predicts that it will be the refreshed iPod Nano that will have to carry the majority of iPod sales over the first quarter or two.

Very little information was included about the updated iPod devices, but it has been nearly two years since Apple provided any upgrade of the iPod models so perhaps they are due for a facelift over the coming months. Question remains how these new iPod screen sizes will fit in with the overall product mix for Apple, especially if we are to see a smaller size iPad Mini as well this year. Perhaps Apple will chose not to go into direct price war with Google and Amazon on the 7-inch tablets, and instead deliver the 7.8-inch iPad Mini priced slightly above, and then the new 4-inch iPod Touch priced slightly below. Giving users even more choice. Who knows, their strategy might even be to use these alternative devices to “kill off” the smaller screen tablet market, as at the moment it seems like it is taking some focus away from Apple’s core belief that the screen size of the new iPad is just the right one. Then again, that is just me speculating.

[source: Macrumors]


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