New iPod Nano-chromatic ad and 2nd generation iPod Touch ad

Along with yesterdays launch of the new 4th generation iPod Nano and the 2nd generation iPod Touch, Apple also launched two new great ads for the respective players.

The ad for the 4th generation iPod Nano features the iPod Nano in all its different colors displaying the different things you can do with it before they all come together in one line up with paint in their respective color drips down below them. As always it is a very stylish ad that lives up to the other legendary iPod ads from the last decade or so. The  music in the new iPod Nano ad is by Chairlift with the song “Bruises”.

The iPod Touch ad plays very much on how you can use the new 2nd generation iPod Touch for playing a variety of games etc. Watching the ad it really made me want to buy one straight away! The music in the new iPod Touch ad is by Asteroids Galaxy Tour with the song “Around the bend”.

You can see both ads here courtesy of YouTube.


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