5th generation iPod Nano gets camera and better screen

After the iPod Touch did not get a camera there were probably many that were thinking that the 5th generation iPod Nano would not get it either, but as Steve Jobs took over the podium for the iPod Nano it quickly became clear that this popular iPod would be getting what the iPod Touch 3G failed to get; a camera.

iPod Nano 5G gets camera

The iPod Nano has according to Apple sold over 100 million since its first launch, making it the most popular iPod ever, and now Apple seems to have found a way to potentially make this, the iPod Nano 5G, even more popular, giving it a camera and keeping the price low. The new video enabled camera located towards the bottom corner of the back of the new iPod Nano should prove a popular addition together with the improved 2.2 inch screen with a 240×376 resolution.

iPod Nano 5G also comes with a polished anodised aluminum finish that looks great, and the size, despite the addition of a camera, is still as small as before, a great feat from the developers at Apple. Some of the other new features of the iPod Nano 5G are:

  •  Shoot videos on the go with easy syncing to iTunes and one click upload to YouTube
  • Genius Mixes  turning your iPod Nano into your personal DJ, using your music library to create great song compilations
  • You no longer need to add an iPod Nano accessorie to listen to radio as the 5th gen iPod Nano has built in FM radio with live pause feature
  • It also has a built in pedometer, a great addition to your Nike + sport kit to keep track of your exercises.
  • And all of this has been done without increasing the price of the iPod Nano

The fact that Apple has added all these features to the iPod Nano without increasing the price point shows increased production efficiencies as well as a sign of the times and the competition in the market. The US price for the new 8gb iPod Nano is $149 and $179 for the 16GB Nano. In the UK the price point from Apple for the new iPod Nano is £115 for the 8GB version and £135 for the 16GB version. We will come back with more price information once other merchants have updated their websites with price information, so keep checking our best price iPod Nano 5G table for updates.

As we have come to expect, the iPod Nano is available in 9 different colors – silver, black, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, red, and pink. The playback time of the new iPod Nano 5G is expected to be the same as the previous one, with an additional hour playback of video.

The iPod Nano will surely become a hot item under the Christmas tree this holiday season.


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