New iPhone software upgrade has been hacked

Only days after Apple released the software upgrade 2.2 for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, news are out that the software upgrade has been jailbroken by the iPhone Dev Team, a group of coding experts known for hacking and jailbreaking the iPhone.

The purpose of hacking the iPhone software, or “jailbreaking” which is the commonly used term, is to make the iPhone open to all third party applications and networks, which for UK users means that you can use the iPhone with other networks than just O2. It also allows you to download and run applications that have not been authorised by Apple and sold through their iTunes Application Store.

This has been a common problem for Apple ever since the first iPhone was launched as users were looking to use the phone more as they liked, and not being limited to what Apple offers. Even after the launch of the iTunes Application Store, allowing third party developers to sell their applications through the store, a lot of people feel that Apple is limiting their usage of the iPhone as the rules as to what applications are accepted into the store follows very strict Apple rules.

One can say many things about the iPhone Dev Team, but it is also positive that someone is challenging Apple along the way to ensure that we as users of their products will be able to utilize it to its best usage, and not being limited by the fact that Apple has their own third party relationships to consider.

For those of you thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone, you should also consider what potential impact it might have, as Apple is constantly trying to release new software upgrades that fixes whatever hole has been left open for the iPhone Dev Team to utilize, risking making your jailbroken iPhone rendered useless and without a valid guarantee.


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