Is this the new iPhone 6 boxed and ready?

This week some images of what could be the new iPhone 6, boxed and ready for shipping, was leaked to techradar by an ‘Apple beta-tester’.

Supposed leaked image of iPhone 6 (techradar)

While these new images can not be independently verified, and certainly not by Apple themselves, they do seem a lot more realistic than many of the other more ‘concept style’ leaks that have been floating around the web in the last few months.

With Apple expected to hold a big event around the 9th September, so in less than a month, it’s not unlikely that there would be a few of the iPhone 6 around for user testing. However if one of the approved beta-testers have leaked images to the press, I would expect that it’s either; approved by Apple themselves, or that the person has just ensured that he will never be a beta-tester again.

Supposed leaked image of iPhone 6 (techradar)

As for what can be seen from the leaked images, we are looking at a device that has many similarities to the current iPhone 5, but it looks like the screen is larger, to support the rumours of at least a 4.7-inch screen, and it looks like Apple has been able to slim the device down even further.

From comments around the images online, there’s plenty of scepticism, with many claiming they are photoshopped. Hopefully we will have our answer come the 9th September.

[source and images: techradar]

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