The new iPad retina: Latest news, reviews and price information

Meet the new iPad with Retina display

Meet the new iPad from Apple. It is not the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, but simply the new iPad as Apple choose to go back to naming the device without a number to signify the generation of the device. While some may have been disappointed with the name, i doubt many are disappointed with the new Retina display of the new iPad.

New iPad with Retina display

Finally it has arrived! we are of course talking about a Retina display for the new third generation iPad, packed with four time more pixels than the iPad 2 and an impressive 2048 x 1536 screen resolution with 44 percent greater color saturation compared to the previous model. The definition of a Retina display is for the eye not to be able to discern individual pixels, and for the new iPad that is true at the optimal viewing distance.

To be able to give the new screen the full effect Apple also upgraded the new iPad with the A5X chip, featuring quad-core graphics (GPU), taking gaming experience on the new iPad to the next level.

The other significant improvements to the new third generation iPad includes the addition of iSight camera, a 5-megapixel camera that is able to shoot pictures and video on 1080p HD quality. US and Canadian customers can also enjoy much faster mobile browsing on selected networks, such as AT&T, thanks to the support for 4G LTE. UK customers are still waiting on implementation of 4G mobile networks to take advantage of the much improved data speeds, and there are concerns that the current batch of new iPads does not support the frequncy range planned for UK 4G LTE networks.

New iPad price and availability

The release date for the new iPad in the UK is set to 16th March, but expect high demand and stock shortages, at least to start with. We will be back with price tables as soon as availability and pricing has been confirmed.

New Retina Apple iPad 3 best price tables

Latest new iPad third generation news

Does the new iPad really offer 4G in the UK? Not likely

There are reports that the built in 4G LTE support in the new iPad is not compatible with coming 4G LTE networks planned for the UK, as they operate at different frequencies compared with the AT&T in the U.S and the Canadian networks. Find out more here.

Apple announces new iPad with Retina display [breakdown]

New iPad with Retina display (Apple website screenshot)

We all seem to have got the naming wrong, but Apple today announced the ‘new iPad’ featuring an impressive Retina display, an improved 5-megapixel camera, quad-core graphics, and a host of other new features and apps that is likely to create new queues of buyers around the world.

If only this was the coming iPad 3 [concept]

Amazing iPad 3 concept video from Aatma Studios

Every now and then a concept design comes along that just blows our mind and would likely make the otherwise genius Apple designers take notice as well. The latest iPad 3 concept from Aatma Studio is one of those. Now if only this could be what Apple is announcing on Wednesday.

iPad 3S is the new iPad 3 [prediction]

Meet the iPad 3S

While we wait for Apple to make the announcement on 7th March, speculations around the name of the next generation iPad with Retina Display are making its rounds. My prediction; Apple might call it the iPad 3S and it will feature retina display and Siri voice assistant.

Apple makes iPad 3 event on 7th March official

Apple sends out invitations to iPad 3 event on 7th March

Apple sends out invitations to what is likely the retina display iPad 3 event on 7th March at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, promising to show us something we really have to see. And touch.

Apple rumoured to be testing 8-inch iPad with supply partners

Apple said to be preparing 8-inch iPad

Apple is rumoured to be testing and sourcing an 8-inch display iPad with supply partners in Asia according to the Wall Street Journal. The new and smaller iPad, if it ever makes it to market, could be sitting alongside the iPad 3, expected to be announced in early March. Find out more inside.

Retina display, parts and 7-inch model – a week in the iPad 3 rumor mill

Rumors about a 7-inch iPad Mini once again resurfaces

It has been one of the busiest weeks in the iPad 3 rumor mill so far as we have seen rumors of the 7-inch iPad resurfacing and leaked images of what is believed to be the Retina display of the coming iPad 3. Luckily, if rumors are true, we are only weeks away from the truth.

A6 quad-core iPad 3 with LTE set for March announcement [rumor]

The iPad 3 might be set for a March release and include a new quad-core A6 processor and support for LTE mobile networks according to latest rumors. These latest rumors falls nicely in with earlier rumors as well as traditional release cycles for the iPad. Find out more here.

Is the ‘Full HD’ iPad 3 in production already? Latest rumors says yes to all

While CES has been dominating tech news in recent weeks, Apple rumors are never far off, and the latest is all about iPad 3 release date and features, including upgrade to ‘Full HD’ screen, Facetime HD, quadcore chip, and a March release date. Find out more inside.

Next generation iPads set to arrive end of Q1 2012 [rumor]

Sources around the Apple supply chain in the far east is reporting that delivery of parts for the next generation iPad has started already, fueling rumors that the iPad 3 might arrive as early as March next year.

New iPhone, iPad and Apple TV codenames in iOS 5.1 beta

Apple has released iOS 5.1 beta to developers, with the source code revealing references to new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV models. The reference iPhone 5,1 is likely the codename for the next generation iPhone, or iPhone 5 as we have come to know it.

Smaller and thinner iPad(s) with Retina display in store for 2012 [rumor]

Are you waiting for the iPad 3 with Retina display? If so, there are some potential good news as recent reports hints at iPad 3 to get a Retina display that will make the device even thinner than the current iPad 2. Don’t expect it to arrive in the coming months though.

iPad 3 to arrive in March 2012 with a smaller dock connector [rumor]

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S the Apple blog-o-sphere is refocusing on the iPad 3, with the latest from the rumor mill reporting that iPad 3 will receive a smaller dock connector, which is bad news for most current accessories and their owners.

WSJ insight: iPad 3 with Retina in early 2012

The Wall Street Journal is confirming that the Apple iPad 3 will arrive in early 2012 and not this year as earlier believed, citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans within their supply chain in Aisia. Find out more here.

iPad 3 on the backburner due to Retina displays

Retina displays are causing Apple some iPad 3 headaches as a report indicates that prices and yield rates for the displays are pushing a possible release into the normal cycle, which means no new iPad this year.

A thinner iPad 3 concept with glass back

Ever wondered what the iPad 3 might look like with a curved glass back and retina display? Take a look at this iPad 3 concept design from Guilherme Schasipien featuring a thinner curved glass back and HD facetime camera.

iPad 3 delayed, but iPhone 5 on schedule for week 2 in September

Chinese sources claim the iPhone 5 is set for a release date in 2nd week of September with initial orders at 4 million units, whilst the rumored iPad 3 will be delayed until after Thanksgiving due to component shortage. Find out more here.

Testing of Apple iPad HD displays from Samsung and LG [rumor]

Despite being in legal battles with Samsung it is rumored that Apple is testing new iPad HD displays from the leading manufacturer at the moment, looking to bring QXGA full HD displays for future Apple iPads. Find out more here.

iPad 2 Plus with improved sceen resolution [rumor]

Wall Street latest Apple prediction is that we might be seeing an iPad 2 Plus later this year with close to Retina display and other minor upgrades instead of a full blown iPad 3 release. Find out more here.

Bloomberg talks improved screen iPad 3 by end of year

Apple iPad 2

In between all the iPhone 5 talk in the Bloomberg article they also referred to the iPad 3 coming out by end of the year with improved screen resolution by a third, but is it really realistic for Apple to deliver a new iPad this year? Find out more here.

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