New generation iPod’s on 9th September Apple “it’s only rock and roll but we like it” event

The speculations have been going on for a while, but now it is official, the Apple iPod event will take place on the 9th September where we are all expecting Apple to announce amongst other the new generation of iPods, including the 3rd generation iPod Touch and the 5th generation iPod Nano, both with camera.

It is Slashgear that has been first out with announcing the event date of the 9th September, but it all looks very official this time. The event which will have the slogan “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it” will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre in San Francisco.

Apple iPod event on the 9th September

Apple usually holds their annual iPod and iTunes event in September so it was always just a matter of getting the official date set. The next question to get answered is what the event will bring. The odds on Apple delivering a 3rd generation iPod Touch and a 5th generation iPod Nano are very small as the market has been floated with rumors for months.

The same goes with iTunes 9, rumored to feature better app management and social network integration. A new version of iTunes also supports a new generation of iPod’s, so the two very much goes hand in hand. We are looking forward to testing the rumored new functionality of iTunes 9 though, especially the integration with social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm.

One of the question marks that remains are what Apple will do with the iPod Classic – will there be a new version with camera, or will it be discontinued? The rumour mill seems split at the moment, with most predicting an upgrade with camera, just like for the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano.

And of course the question that is on everyones lips, what about the Apple Tablet, also referred to as the iPAD. Will it be launched at the September 9th or will we have to wait a bit longer? The latest rumors might indicate the latter, and that the Tablet will be officially anounced later this year.

It’s a good thing we only have to wait another week or so until we get the answers we have all been asking ourselves in the last few months – hopefully we won’t be disappointed.


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5 Responses to "New generation iPod’s on 9th September Apple “it’s only rock and roll but we like it” event"

  1. Wazza102 says:


    I’m excited on what Apple will announced. Hopefully some good new features on the 3rd Gen Ipod Touch. And maybe some design changes like making it sleeker.

  2. admin says:

    Think that in terms of the 3rd gen iPod Touch we will see an increase in memory and a camera + technical improvements in processor speed and internal memory. As for the other iPod models things are more uncertain, although the consensus at the moment seem to be that the iPod Nano will feature a wider screen and a camera as well. Its going to be some interesting days leading up to the event, and to see if expectations can be met once again by Apple.

  3. Wazza102 says:

    I think there is no doubt that it will have better system performance as found in Iphone 3GS. Apple likes Ipod Touch to keep up with the Iphone or make it even better (In terms of performance) as found in Ipod Touch 2nd and Iphone 3G, the Ipod touch 2nd performed over all better. So, we might see the Ipod Touch 3rd gen having better processors than 3GS or the same as 3GS. If it had the same as 3GS, I would still be happy.

    I can’t wait for Apple’s announcement!

  4. daniel says:

    is there anything behind the name or is it just a name?

  5. tara says:

    im so excited to get the new ipod for my birthday. i have the ipod generation 1. but its pretty muhch done for. i havent got the generation 2 becasue ive been waiting fo this one to come out. where can i get the 3rd generation of ipod touch? i live in british columbia, and dont think they sell it.

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