New entry level iPod Touch 16GB announced without iSight camera

When Apple last year updated the iPod Touch to 5th generation they pimped it up with 4-inch retina displays, slimmed it down, gave it some more color options, and added a good quality iSight camera to the back. It was pretty much an iPhone without the naturally built in phone ability. Yesterday they announced a new entry level iPod Touch 16GB for the more budget conscious, stripping out the iSight camera and going with the basic traditional color.

Apple new 16gb iPod Touch

The new 16 iPod Touch replaces the previous 4th generation iPod Touch models still in circulation, providing the consumer with a lower priced, ‘stripped down’ version so to speak for those that are not that bothered about bright colors and camera functionality ( the new model still has the same HD front facing facetime camera). Besides these obvious exclusions, the new model has the same high quality 4-inch screen, runs on the A5 chip, and supports Bluetooth and Nike+ connectivity. Stripping out some of the features has allowed Apple to reduce the price on the new 16gb iPod Touch  to £199 (£50 cheaper than current 32gb  model).

Releasing a budget friendly, stripped down iPod Touch could perhaps be a sign of other things to come from Apple, such as the much rumoured budget iPhone, a product that has been heavily debated over recent months as the summer draws closer and it once again is time for WWDC. At the moment though these remains rumours, but this release could be an opportunity for Apple to test the waters so to speak, see what the appetite for a budget version is in the market, and what impact it might have on the bottom line.

[source: Apple UK]


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