New developments concerning iPod models

According to an FBR Research analyst, Apple has increased their orders of both new iPhones and iPod’s significantly for the third quarter of this year (source: Silicon Alley Insider).

They are now estimating that Apple has ordered 15% more iPod’s to be produced, which includes more iPod Classic and iPod Nano, but slightly fewer iPod Touch. This could be another sign that Apple is working on an improved version of the iPod Touch as we wrote about earlier.

They are also reporting that a new, lower priced iPod Nano might be in the pipeline, as well as an updated iPod Classic.

For us it looks like Apple is working on developments on the iPod Touch and cost efficiencies on the iPod Classic and the iPod Nano to ensure that they can be sold at a lower price point after the launch of the new 3G iPhone.

As soon as we hear anything more about this we will come back with further reports.


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