New Broadcom SDK makes AirPlay integration easier – CES 2014

While there are plenty of AirPlay enabled audio devices in the market already, at CES 2014 Broadcom has announced a new Software Development Kit that will make it faster and easier for audio manufacturers to integrate AirPlay functionality for their devices.

Broadcom WICED unit

As long as their devices have Broadcom’s WiFi hardware in place, the new SDK will make it a lot easier to open up the feature. This new SDK will amongst other allow developers to spend less time working on multi-speaker functionality and latency mitigation, as well as allowing them to to bypass using AirPlay components from Apple themselves (requires use of Broadcom’s hardware). This new solution also support 802.11n standard.

Broadcom has also built in support for some of the most popular audio codecs, such as WavPack and Celt, as well as several sampling rates ranging from 44.1 to 96 KHz.

The new SDK is one of the latest developments in the company’s WICED program (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices), an initiative that amongst others brings advanced wireless solutions to network items such integrated appliances, cameras, fitness equipment and more. For the audio industry it also means that integrating the popular high quality audio stream that is AirPlay much easier, as well as improving synchronization and range of multiple AirPlay enabled speakers and configurations.

[Source: AppleInsider]

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