New Beats Studio headphones promises improved sound

New Beats by Dre Studio 2013 headphones

A few years ago a pair of headphones arrived on the scene that would change the market and turn headphones into as much a status and identity statement as a way to listen to your music. That headphone was the Beats by Dre Studio, fronted by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Now, 5 years later, the iconic headphones have received a facelift and new improved internal components.

New Beats by Dre Studio 2013 headphones

As popular as the Beats Studio headphones were when they first arrived on the scene, they had their faults, primarily for being considered too bass-heavy and using AAA batteries for operating the active noise cancellation. With the new Beats by Dre Studio 2013 model they have replaced the batteries with a built in rechargeable solution providing up to 20-hours of use between charges, they have also made the headphones 20% lighter, more sturdy, and perhaps equally as important, improved the sound experience.

I have not had a chance to test to compare myself yet, but according to reports, the new model has vastly improved sound and better noise cancellation technology. The audiophiles amongst us are still likely to prefer other headphones over the Beats Studio, as they are said to still lean towards the low-end power that has become such a trademark for them. Look wise, I find that the new Beats Studio have more in common with their more recent Beasts Executive headphones than with its predecessor.

Some will still argue that the success of the Beats by Dre headphones are all down to marketing and celebrity endorsement, and that you can get better quality headphones for the same price. Still, I believe that the new Beats Studio headphones will become popular, especially with the younger generation, for a couple of reasons. The brand has established itself as the style choice, perhaps thanks to its marketing. Secondly, as they have stated themselves as well, their sound reflects what is popular on the music scene at the moment. Few can argue about the success of that combination.

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