A new tiny 4gb iPod that will talk to you – Meet the new iPod Shuffle

While the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Nano has stolen all the thunder in the last year, the little brother in the iPod family, the iPod Shuffle, has just gotten a new lease in life with the upgrade to 4gb memory, a new design without a control wheel, and with VoiceOver so it will actually talk to you – meet the new 4gb iPod Shuffle!

See the new 4gb iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver

The new designed 4gb iPod Shuffle keeps some of the great features from its predecessor, such as the clip on the back for easy attachment to most everything (great as a tie clip!), and with the new designed Apple has made this little gem even smaller and possibly even more stylish. The new iPod Shuffle is the perfect accessory for anyone that does not want to have anything remotely large in their pockets or on an armband, as this little iPod can be clipped on to pretty much any item of clothing, making it amongst other very easy for use during exercise etc.

What is entirely new with this latest iPod Shuffle however is the addition of VoiceOver technology that allows the iPod to actually talk to you. Since it does not feature any control wheel or display screen, it instead talks to you, letting you know what you are listening to or what you are looking at while browsing through your music library. You easily control it through a control button located on the right earbud cord, allowing you to find out what song you are currently listening to with the touch of a button, or shuffle through playlists and songs while your iPod Shuffle tells you what you are scrolling through every single step of the way. And as the world is a melting pot of nationalities and languages, the iPod Shuffle of course comes speaking up to 13 different languages – Viva la iPod Shuffle!

You can watch a guided tour of the new iPod Shuffle and its functionality right here.

We have also updated our best price iPod tables with the addition of the new 4gb iPod Shuffle as we are sure that this will become a topseller in the coming weeks, not only among those that not yet own an iPod, but also among the many iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and perhaps even iPod Nano owners, as it brings a new, simple, and fun format for those times when all you need is a small player holding up to around a 1,000 songs. The expected retail price in the UK will be £59, which is the price currently on Amazon UK and at the UK Apple Store.


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2 Responses to "A new tiny 4gb iPod that will talk to you – Meet the new iPod Shuffle"

  1. jose says:

    hola queria mas que todo hacer un comentario sobre los precio si este pequeño ipod que sale nuevo cuesta 79 dolares verdad eeste diminuto ipod, entonces mi pregunta es cuando salga el ipod touch 3g cuando va a costa 500 o 600′ por dios me parece que apple no esta bajando los precios en sus productos me parace una exageracion

  2. Steve Horwitz says:

    Excellent Review… Here are a few of my comments:

    This is the most outstanding IPODS I own…and I have three; including the small 1g IPod Shuffle.

    The main concern between all relates to the interchange ability of headsets. The ear buds that apple has included is all that you will need. The base is excellent, and the sound is outstanding, or should I say awesome. I purchased the FH5 for my IPod Touch. Very little difference. I know what you are thinking…”This Guy Must Be Deaf”! How can a person compare a high end head set to the one that Apple included with this unit? The only way to know for sure is if you try them out for yourself. I really think that Apple made sure the included ear buds were changed for this unit. As a footnote the change in volume, shuffle, and playing songs in order is only advancement to Apple’s other 1-2 Gig colorful shuffles. I can only give you my experience with this unit. Like I said before this small unit is brilliant and the sound is fantastic. For $79.00 or less how could anyone criticize this unit and give it less than five stars?

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