New 1gb ipod shuffle

How many of you haven’t seen people walking around listening to music from the tie clip these days?? The new New Apple iPod shuffle 1GB actually looks more like a tie clip, a slightly big one, but still small enough to pull it off. It is also the perfect companion for the gym as you can just clip it on the shirt or the trousers and it hardly weigh anything. That way you save having to invest in an ipod armband or sportsband.

The size is the main strength of the New Apple iPod shuffle 1GB, making it very easy to bring with you pretty much anywhere. As a more allround MP3 player it’s weakness is the lack of a display screen and the lack of the traditional ipod clickwheel which is a very popular feature among ipod lovers.

The price point, size and functionality of the 1gb ipod shuffle takes it into competition with many other MP3 players in the market, but being an Apple and it’s miniature size makes it stand out. Amazon.co.uk price for the 1gb ipod shuffle is from £45.

Click here if you are looking for the ipod nano or the ipod touch for a price comparison.


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