Native panorama camera functionality for iOS 5

It looks like panoramic photos might become a native functionality in some way or another in the Camera App on your iOS device as discovered by 9to5Mac, perhaps creating some unwanted headache for a few app developers around the world.

Panorama references in iOS 5 (9to5Mac)

There is nothing sure about the functionality of the code found talking about panorama pictures or if it will even make it into the final version of iOS 5 to be released later this fall, but it is still a sign that this is something that Apple wants  to turn into a native function for their Camera app.

One big question though is how much Apple wants to make native versus allowing developers to create apps for the App Store. If too much functionality becomes native you would think that would in the long term hurt the earnings from third party apps, as well as perhaps make some developers consider other platforms instead as their earning potential on the iOS platform all of a sudden drops.

We will keep an eye on this going forward.

[source: 9to5Mac]


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