Rumor of native Gmail iPhone app coming soon

Although many of us iPhone and iOS owners have access to gmail through the mail app on our devices, it has its limitations and many of us have at some point hoped for Google to deliver a high quality Gmail app for iOS devices. Now it looks like we might be only days away from its release, and it is rumored to be great.

Google about to release a native Gmail iPhone app

It is ParisLemon.com that is breaking the news that a native Gmail app for the iPhone is already awaiting official Apple approval (like all third party apps have to) and that it should not run into any issues, which is a common problem when the two rivals try to engage on each others platforms (playground antics).

Google has had a good mobile web version of Gmail for a while now, but with a native app we will finally get access to amongst other push messages, a feature that has been sorely missed for Gmail users on the iPhone. Other Google apps, including Google+ for iOS devices have received criticism for being full of bugs at launch, so fingers crossed Google has got it all right with the Gmail app.

Paris Lemon also states that Google is about to add more functionality to Gmail, and that hopefully some of these new features will also be reflected in the incoming Gmail app.

I will be back with more information on the Gmail iPhone app as soon as it has been released and had a chance to test it out.


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