Napster returns to challenge iTunes with 6million songs

Since its famous beginning offering free music downloads, Napster is now completely legit and now they are taking on the giant in iTunes.

Napster has lately been focusing on offering all-you-can-eat monthly streaming music subscribtions, but like many others they have realised that people like to have the freedom to add their music to their favourite gadgets, like the iPod. So this week they launched their online store carrying over 6 million songs, making them a direct challenger to iTunes.

The new Napster store will feature music from all major record labels as well as thousands of independent labels. What sets them apart though is that the music you buy and download will not be copy protected,  unlike iTunes where the majority of the songs are DRM protected. This also highlights a shift in strategy from the music labels, as they start taking more risks to improve on their sales slumps.

With the news that Amazon will take their music download service international this year, and the launch of the Myspace music service, it looks like iTunes and Apple will have their hands full going forward.


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