Alternative uses of iPad and iPhone: Shoot music videos and award winning movies

We all know that both the iPad and the iPhone has many uses, but some are stretching the features of these Apple devices even further as we see the first music video shot entirely using the iPad 2 camera, and an award winning short film shot using an iPhone only.

Film shot using iPhone 4 wins Golden Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival

iPad 2 to shoot music video

According to macstories.net we are seeing the first ever music video being made entirely using the iPad 2 and its camera functionality. The music video is for the song “Need” by Eddy (appropriate title as we also ‘need’ an iPad 2) and was shot using 4 iPad 2 units.

The music video was shot and produced by Remedy Films who not only saw the potential of the iPad 2 for use in this professional setting, but also saw the potential for promoting themselves and the music video through the social sphere online, riding the back of the iPad 2 craze.

Apparently the shoot took 5 hours, with 12 hours of editing taking place. It does not however look like they used iMovie for the editing, or that the song was recorded using GarageBand, both native apps for the iPad 2.

Korean short film shot with iPhone wins Berlin Film Award

Perhaps even more impressive than the music video shot with the iPad 2, is the work of the Korean filmmaker brothers Park Chan-wook and Chan-kyong, who shot their entire 30 minute short film using an iPhone 4.

According to iPhonefaq.org the movie called Paranmanjang, translated to Nigh Fishing, was funded by South Korea’s exclusive iPhone carrier KT and took 10 days to record and a crew of about 80 people, landing the two brothers the Golden Bear Award for best short film at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Although the director brothers praises the movie making capabilities of the iPhone 4, i’m sure that winning the award had more to do with their director and story telling skills than the quality and capabilities of the iPhone camera.

Both these stories do however prove that if you got the idea and the will, plus an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4, it can be done. So go out there and make your dreams happen.


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