Multiscreen F1 viewing coming to iPad courtesy of Sky

Formula 1 fans in the UK can look forward to the new season kicking off on 18th March in Bahrain with multiscreen live vewing on the go on the iPad, courtesy of a new F1 focused Sky app coming ahead of the season start.

Formula 1 coming to iPad with multiview screen in Sky F1 race control app

While i’m sure there are many out there that is not too happy about F1 coverage being on a subscription based network, Sky is going all out to give F1 fans the best possible viewing experience, both through their dedicated F1 channel, as well as through new mobile apps, such as the planned F1 iPad app that amongst other will give fans the opportunity to split the screen in four to view different camera angles of the live action.

The F1 stream to mobile applications is likely to be available to Sky customers that have Sky HD or Sky Sports packages, and provide access to a large variety of F1 related content. According to a Sky spokesperson there are plenty of things in the plan around the F1 coverage across devices; “The aim of Sky Race Control is to replicate the offering across all of our platforms.”

While there are plenty of features planned, not all of them might make the final cut as the app(s) make their way through the Apple approval process. Hopefully we will be able to do AirPlay mirroring, bringing the four-way split screen viewing and race control features of the iPad onto the larger tv screens. Airplay mirroring of course requires that you have an Apple TV 2 box to go along with your iPad and television.

Personally i look forward to testing out the new Sky F1 race control app when it finally finds its way onto the App Store, and the F1 season kicks off again. Hopefully it will be a Ferrari red season!I guess this might be just another reason to buy an iPad.

[source: T3]


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